Choosing the best pain doctor for you

Find out what to look for in a healthcare provider so that you can work together to manage your pain. Read more

Matching the pill to the pain, part I

Learn about the types of medications commonly prescribed to chronic pain sufferers and how they fit into an effective pain management plan. Read more

Triumph Over Persistent Pain (TOPP)

"Join Me . . . And I Will Personally Guide You To A Better, Happier, More Fulfilling Life With Reduced Pain and Suffering."

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Triumph Over Persistent Pain (TOPP) Program

Accidental Addiction

Think about a small-town. Let’s say the population is a little over 20,000. Now imagine that over the course of a year, every single one of those people die… Now imagine that exact same thing is going to happen to another small town every year from now on. Every day in America, accidental addiction is […]

Changing the Chronic Pain Polarity

Dr. Kent was recently a guest blogger on the National Pain Report website and wrote a blog entitled “My Story: Changing the Chronic Pain Polarity.” Here is an excerpt: “Polarization seems to be the unavoidable thorn in our society, but when it comes to major public health issues we need to change the discourse to […]

Comments on Integrative Healthcare

“Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door.” ― Emily Dickinson BE OPEN TO EVERY GOOD OPPORTUNITY This blog is finding opportunity in all aspects of healthcare. I want you to try all that is available for your health improvement. You see, I practice using an Integrative approach and proponents of this […]

"Join Me . . . And I Will Personally Guide You To a better life with reduced pain and suffering."

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