Choosing the best pain doctor for you

Find out what to look for in a healthcare provider so that you can work together to manage your pain. Read more

Matching the pill to the pain, part I

Learn about the types of medications commonly prescribed to chronic pain sufferers and how they fit into an effective pain management plan. Read more

Triumph Over Persistent Pain (TOPP)

"Join Me . . . And I Will Personally Guide You To A Better, Happier, More Fulfilling Life With Reduced Pain and Suffering."

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Triumph Over Persistent Pain (TOPP) Program

I’m back

Well, where have I been lately? If you follow’s blog you know that I haven’t posted in almost a year. If you know me personally you know that I’ve been very busy during the last year. What I’ve been up to? Well, I’ve been doing some fine tuning on the new WellVana Seminar project […]

Empowering those in Chronic Pain

Dr. Kent interviews: Dr. Kim Kristiansen, M.D., chronic pain Doctor, researcher and author about his book and upcoming app. About Dr. Kim Kristiansen, M.D.: Author of “The Empowered Pain Patient”- Creator and developer of DoloTest, Quality of Life Assessment tool for chronic pain sufferers -Blogging about pain at Picture of Pain. Connect with Dr. Kristiansen: […]

"Join Me . . . And I Will Personally Guide You To a better life with reduced pain and suffering."

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