6 Tips to choose the right pain doctor for you

Transcript: presents “Get the Best Pain Doctor for You.” It also works for other doctors.
“Get what you need”, the lyrics from a famous Rolling Stones song, but I mean it. Get what you need in a Doctor. If you need a specialty like rheumatology, neurology, rehab, anesthesia, orthopedics, get that doctor. If you need someone that does injections get that doctor. If you need someone that prescribes pain medicines, get that doctor. You have to look and you have to ask questions like will they prescribe narcotic medicines and do your overall management and care?
Ok, comfort and trust. You feel comfortable with your doctor and you trust the doctor and the healthcare team. You must have this if you are going to work with them.
Next. Can you communicate? Will you listen? Will they listen? Can you communicate, can you ask questions? This is key to good care. You must be able to tell your story, ask questions and get answers.
Availability is next. Are there appointment times open? Are there work-ins available? Can you get your phone calls answered? And, can you get them to respond in a timely fashion?
Next are they open minded to new things and new techniques? You really must do what works for you, and try things if you’re interested. You need to have the support for doing those things.
BONUS! You don’t have to like your doctor. You have to respect him/her. This is not a friendship. It’s not entertainment. It’s important to have a professional relationship.
Alright. Come visit us at I hope this is helpful. I’m signing off. I hope today is a better day for you.



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