Choosing the best pain doctor for you

Find out what to look for in a healthcare provider so that you can work together to manage your pain. Read more

Matching the pill to the pain, part I

Learn about the types of medications commonly prescribed to chronic pain sufferers and how they fit into an effective pain management plan. Read more

Triumph Over Persistent Pain (TOPP)

"Join Me . . . And I Will Personally Guide You To A Better, Happier, More Fulfilling Life With Reduced Pain and Suffering."

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Triumph Over Persistent Pain (TOPP) Program

How is Chronic Pain Treated?

Treatment of chronic pain usually requires several approaches combined into a pain management program designed just for you. Both drug treatment and non-drug treatment approaches are usually included. Healthcare providers will try to address your pain based on your diagnosis, and try to provide the best therapy for your type of pain.  Following is a basic […]

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is frequent, continuous or constant pain. Those who suffer from chronic pain usually find their pain is not relieved by typical methods or standard medical therapy. A chronic pain patient usually has tried many therapies and has not responded to them with significant relief. Most of the time a chronic pain sufferer will […]

What is Pain?

As my granddad used to say, pain is pain, grin and bear it. Well I found out that was wrong and found pain to be quite the conundrum. It is a big problem that I have been working on for twenty one years to try to help. Early on in my years working as an […]

Welcome to My Chronic Pain

We want to welcome you to the new My Chronic Pain website.  This is a place where chronic pain sufferers and their family and friends can come to learn more about chronic pain. We are dedicated to offering the best web based informational products that address our client’s needs to help them live a fulfilled […]

"Join Me . . . And I Will Personally Guide You To a better life with reduced pain and suffering."

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