Paramount Discussion

“This recording is from the recent live chronic pain symposium at the Paramount Theater in OKC. This is the last two hours of the event in which we opened up to local and tele-seminar attendees to Q/A.

The first hour is dedicated to questions chronic pain sufferers had regarding legal needs and problems they faced, including getting disability and advocacy in work comp cases. Tom Cummings is the attorney who answers the questions that Dr Kent moderates.In practice for more than 30 years, Tom M. Cummings has been helping people and families seek the remedies they deserve.Tom understands pain conditions and is a strong advocate.
To contact him call 405 521-8900.
His website is

The second hour is a follow up Q/A session from Dr.Kent’s recent Wellvana Way/ Dreadnotlife seminar series on suffering with chronic pain . Individuals who attended these events were given a chance to call in and ask questions as well as members.”



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