Welcome to the new online community

Welcome to the new online community created to help individuals suffering with chronic pain.

MyChronicPain offers individuals the opportunity to improve their lives through education and interaction. Our training will encompass the full range of possibilities in pain management, including traditional and alternative approaches, so that you can better manage your pain and make sound decisions regarding your care.

I am a retired Neurologist with more than 22 years experience helping individuals who endure chronic pain. I believe education is the key to understanding and triumphing over your suffering. MyChronicPain will impart wisdom and provide you with ideas and tools you need to be able to manage your pain. My hope is that your interactions with us will inspire you to shape a new, more satisfying life for yourself.

Dr. Kent

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  1. Patsy Ann Barrett February 13, 2015 at 3:26 pm #

    Hello! I found you on Youtube, Why do chronic pain patients kill themselves? Best answer I’ve ever seen is from Pepper after the video. I am at the end of my spinal pain journey, nothing more can be done for me. I saw a young surgeon yesterday and he wants to redo T10 to S1. According to his report I am “wheelchair”, age 64. What an idiot, like I would ever be able to recover from a huge surgery like that. And pain management doesn’t help, I saw a new PM doctor last week and he wants to put in a pain pump (I already have one, but it is old). He told me recent research on dogs, he is on the board or something, shows the medicine in the pump only covers a spot a little larger than a silver dollar. He was looking at my x-rays as he told me this, it is obvious T10 and T11 are screwed as well as L5 S1. This has been confirmed by CAT scan that was done on Monday. Two-thirds of my back is killing me, how is medication in a small area supposed to help? Btw he doesn’t do pills! I’m sure he makes more doing pumps and scs. I had one of those too and it herniated and I had to have it removed. I agree with Pepper’s comment answering the question, Why do chronic pain patients kill themselves? “Are you kidding me?”. If you know anyone in San Diego in the Sharp system who will help me I would appreciate it SO MUCH! Thank you sir! When I figure out how to download my CAT scan I will send it to you. I looks hideous, the young surgeon said he doesn’t often see scans as bad as mine and it would take another specialist surgeon working with him to fix it. I hurt SO bad and because of the DEA nobody will/can help. You can take to the bank I have tried everything including four big lumbar operations. :(

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