Welcome to My Chronic Pain

We want to welcome you to the new My Chronic Pain website.  This is a place where chronic pain sufferers and their family and friends can come to learn more about chronic pain. We are dedicated to offering the best web based informational products that address our client’s needs to help them live a fulfilled healthy daily life.

Our vision is a world with managed pain and improved healthcare/health/wellness. We see ourselves providing excellent resources to improve our clients’ health. Our values include empathy and compassion towards our clients. We will listen to what they need and want. We will keep our information practical and easy to understand, addressing clients’ major needs and desires.

We will persevere and continuously work towards improving. We will maintain a dynamic process of improvement that will include keeping on top of the ecology of our company including economics, social, healthcare, technological, regulatory and legal issues. We will constantly be reevaluating ourselves making sure we have good awareness of our work by measuring progress and impact. We will fill in the gaps that mainstream medicine has left providing focused innovative simple elegant solutions to our clientele.



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